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  • Preparing for COVID-19 Vaccines?

    With Coronavirus vaccines upon us, Updox has workflows to prepare healthcare providers for improved communication.

    Discover ways you can better handle the communication with patients and staff.

    "COVID-19 has changed medicine in so many ways. It is refreshing to see an organization whose innovation is helpful. Because of Updox, we can spend more time face-to-face with patients and they are spending less time on paperwork. That makes everyone happier!"

    Karen Plevyak, RN, Alternatives Medical Clinic

    New to Updox? Start the conversation now to be better prepared for vaccine delivery.

    • Eliminate time wasted calling patients
    • Keep patients engaged & staff productive
    • Secure HIPAA compliant texting
    • Attach docs, forms, photos and video
    Broadcast Messaging
    • Inform groups of priority patients on vaccine availability 
    • Send messages via text, email, voicemail or patient portal
    • Use templates to customize each message to save time
    • Eliminate hours spent on phone calls answering questions
    • Keep your practice contactless (no clipboards or pens in the waiting room)
    • Capture intake forms or vaccination consent online
    • Create a paperless experience for staff & patients
    • Stop manually entering info

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