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DrChrono Users:

Improve Patient Engagement - make patients happier
Boost Productivity - work together, better
Coordinate Care - free up time with secure communication between other providers and pharmacies 

How? With powerful tools from  Updox that allow you to communicate within a single inbox, from anywhere, on any device, while in DrChrono:

  • Online Fax
  • Video Chat
  • Secure & SMS Text
  • Broadcast Messaging to Patient Groups
  • Online Forms, Scheduling & Reminders

It's time to integrate your DrChrono EHR + Updox!

Learn More About DrChrono + Updox

We integrated with DrChrono to keep your patients engaged and staff happy:

  • Send, receive, edit and store faxes and documents electronicallyDrChrono Login
  • Send secure text messages instead of repeated phone calling
  • Video chat with patients for follow-ups and save office visits for complex cases
  • Reduce No-shows & increase engagement by sending broadcast messages to groups of patients

We simplify the business of healthcare within DrChrono


DrChrono Pricing

Online Fax & Document Management
Access your documents anywhere with our robust electronic fax system. We are the leading online fax provider in healthcare, processing millions of faxes each month.

HIPAA Compliant Video Chat
Interact with patients in a new way, by engaging them where they are—on their mobile phones. Extend the reach of your practice to underserved patients, conduct virtual follow-ups on treatments, prescriptions and more.

Secure Text Messaging
As easy for your team to send as it is for patients to receive and reply.  Patients can securely attach documents, forms, photos and videos.

Automated Appointment Reminders
Customizable reminders make sure your patients keep their appointments and have the information they need before their visit.

Patient Scheduling, Online Forms, Payments and More!
Get personal, timely, customized interactions with your patients to make everything easier on you and your team.

DrChrono Users: Secure for your practice. Easy for your staff. Convenient for your patients.

DrChrono EHR Reviews
It’s great when you can implement a new service in your office that benefits staff and your patients, in a way that also lowers expenses and improves efficiency.

Maurice Beer, MD Integrative Medical NY

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We are the communication partner of choice for DrChrono practices, with almost several thousand mutual customers.

Reach out to us and we'll walk you through the DrChrono integration and how we've helped your peers improve patient engagement. 

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