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Improve Patient Communication

The most powerful Inbox in healthcare

  • Secure Two-Way Texting
  • Online Fax & Doc Management
  • Patient Group Messaging
  • Telehealth Video Chat
  • Forms
  • Reminders

Your communications.

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Secure Text Messaging

  • Eliminate wasted time calling patients
  • Keep patients engaged & staff productive
  • SMS two-way texting to groups
  • Secure HIPAA compliant texting
  • Attach docs, forms, photos and video

Telehealth Video Chat

  • Easy to use
  • No download for patient or clinician
  • Works anywhere, on any device
  • Take photos, save notes
  • Keep your doors open during COVID-19

Online Faxing

  • Save 1,200 pieces of paper a year
  • No more toner, paper, or filing
  • No equipment to buy, upgrade or maintain
  • Easily route incoming faxes to specific staff
  • Our EHR integration with Updox makes us so much more efficient. We can spend more time with patients talking to them and developing great relationships. That makes our patients happier and our staff more satisfied with their work.

    Karina Prado, Office ManagerBridgeport Family Medicine

  • Some software ends up wasting your time. Updox actually saves me time. It’s faster and easier to manage than other solutions used in my office. I do all my document import and scanning with Updox. It’s easy for me to upload and then delegate. Also I use Updox to store documents. I can find them faster when I’m ready to act on them or file them into a chart. I’ve found it’s easier to manage documents in Updox and then upload to my EHR.

    Dr. Bronwyn BaconElevate Health - Bozeman, Montana

  • Updox manages all our communications with faxes, results, lab reports, schedules and more. We’re using it every five to 10 minutes and it’s saving us at least two to three hours a day.

    Renea Clark, Office ManagerBlueSky Health


Updox Integrates with Greenway Health!

We provide your all-in-one patient communication tools in one easy-to-use Inbox for texting, video chat, online fax, patient group messaging, and more.

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Telehealth for Greenway!

We're Here to Help Greenway Solution Series Users with Telehealth During the Pandemic

Telehealth is not going away. As the pandemic continues, patients need a convenient and easy-to-use way to communicate with their doctors and care teams. Our telehealth solution integrates with your Greenway EMR system to help you continue to care for your patients. If you want to avoid the demo process, you can register immediately for Telehealth using your Greenway login. 

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