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  • Waiting Rooms Will Disappear

    Updox Practice Transformation Series
    A 2019 study reported unpleasant waiting rooms were the single-most cited reason patients said they wouldn't return to a healthcare facility.

    This guide will assist your practice with ways to enhance patient experience and boost office productivity:

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    Remote waiting rooms

    Learn why converting to electronic forms, setting up text templates and determining workflow are the best starting point for transforming your waiting room experience.

    Then, leverage Updox Digital Forms and Secure Text to replace your traditional waiting room.

    It's so simple, you can start tomorrow.

    Here's how our customers are leveraging enhanced digital forms + text today: 

    • New patient forms
    • COVID-19 screening
    • Parking lot patient check in
    • Obtain consent prior to a telehealth visit

    Waiting Rooms


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