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HIPAA-Compliant Digital Faxing

Send, receive, annotate, & sign your faxes
From anywhere, on any device
  • Eliminate paper
  • Stop manual dialing, scanning, waiting, filing, searching
  • Access faxes in 1 inbox; reply quickly via online fax
  • No equipment to buy, upgrade or maintain
  • Easily route incoming faxes to specific

Stop wasting 1,200 sheets of paper a month! Our secure online faxing lets you manage all faxes and documents in one online inbox. 

Save time and money, reduce stress, and get back to your patients.

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HIPAA-Compliant Electronic Faxing with Updox

Electronic Faxing Services for Medical Practices
Centralized Fax Administration
  • Automatic re-sends for busy signals
  • Delivery confirmations
  • Custom cover sheets
  • Easily generate fax history reports
  • Integrate with your EHR/EMR system
HIPAA Compliant Online Faxing
HIPAA Compliant Online Faxing
  • Advanced security & encryption
  • Set your own staff access, permissions & security settings
  • Complies with the HIPAA Privacy Rule
  • Complete audit trail & activity log on every fax for full compliance
HIPAA Compliant Electronic Fax for Doctors Office
Streamline Communication
  • Remotely send, receive & edit documents
  • Assign tasks & send messages to team members
  • Markup, sign, or break apart documents electronically
  • Organize & assign ownership/ priorities to certain documents

Streamline your e-faxing communication with Updox


Online Fax for Healthcare Providers
Updox manages all our communications with faxes, results, lab reports, schedules and more. We’re using it every 5 to 10 minutes and it’s saving us at least two to three hours a day,” says Renea. “I would estimate we’re saving around $10,000 a year but Updox is truly invaluable for our practice.”

Renea Clark, Office Manager Blue Sky Health

It's Time to Eliminate Paper, Stop Wasting Time & Get More Done:

Secure & SMS Texting
With our texting feature in place, reduce no-show rates from an average of of 18.9% down to 8%. Eliminate the avg. 8.1 minutes of phone time to reschedule a no-show. Cut out up to 1,500 calls each month.

Appointment Reminders
Customize messages to fit your patient's preference with the ability to select text, email or voice calls to remind patients of their upcoming appointments.

Video Chat & Telehealth Services
More effective than a phone call and just as easy to use - our telehealth feature helps you communicate with patients in a HIPAA-compliant format, share lab results, answer questions, and follow up post-visit.

Broadcast Messaging
Drive seasonal appointments and screenings with proactive messaging targeting specific groups of patients or all of them at once with our broadcast messaging feature!

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