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  • HIPAA-Compliant Texts

    Secure Healthcare Two-Way Texting

    • Eliminate wasted time calling patients
    • Keep patients engaged & staff productive
    • SMS texting to patients
    • Secure HIPAA-compliant texting
    • Attach docs, forms, photos and videos

    With Updox Texting, engage with your patients where they live... on their phones

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    Updox Texting

    Patient Text Messaging
    • Automate reminders, scheduling, developing waiting lists, and filling cancellation slots
    • User and patient-friendly texting
    • Operate your practice at close to capacity
    Secure Texting Helps:
    • Coordinate referrals
    • See patients faster
    • Provide consults with other providers in real-time 
    • Keep patients & families updated quickly 
    Communicate Easily with: 
    • Your Patients
    • Their Families
    • Specialists
    • Their Pharmacies
    • Prescribers

    Who are we?

    Updox is your all-in-one web-based platform for improved communications, productivity & patient engagement:

    • Telehealth Video Chat
    • Secure & SMS Two-way Texting
    • HIPAA-compliant Faxing
    • Reminders
    • Broadcast Messaging
    Eliminate All Your Other 3rd-Party Apps with One Inbox. One Login. One password. 

    Stop Wasting Time Making Phone Calls

    “Instead of calling patients to remind them of upcoming appointments or the need to schedule a visit so we can review their prescriptions, we can use Updox to text them.”
    • Lisa Scott, Office Manager, Charles E. Meusburger, MD LLC