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    HIPAA Compliant Online Faxing Services


    Electronic Faxing from Updox 

      • Eliminate manual faxing
      • No equipment to buy, upgrade or maintain
      • HIPAA-compliant, secure e-faxing
      • Easily route incoming faxes to specific
        staff (or departments)
    1. Updox MacPractice Integration
    2. At Updox, we simplify the business of healthcare within MacPractice EHR 

    Reduce Stress, Save Time, Improve Staff Morale & Increase Patient Satisfaction

    It’s great when you can implement a new service in your office that benefits staff and your patients, in a way that also lowers expenses and improves efficiency.

    Maurice Beer, MD Integrative Medical NY


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    Getting started is simple:

    Let Updox simplify the business of healthcare enabling a better healthcare experience for the patients and consumers you serve.

    Updox makes it easy:

    • Broad solution that works together better than any individual product
    • Understand and be ready to use in less than 30 minutes
    • Designed specifically for out-of-hospital providers and pharmacists
    • Dedicated On-Boarding and Customer Success expertise
    • Phone, email and live chat support