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Updox offers its collaboration platform free of charge to all members of the North Carolina Association of Free & Charitable Clinics.  Member clinics and their volunteer providers may use the free service for any clinic patients. Providers associated with a member clinic will receive a substantial discount for using Updox to engage insured and self-pay patients.

Learn what Updox can do for you. 

  • Video Chat: Communicate during and after the consult

  • Secure Text: Eliminate phone tag. Connect with patients on their preferred communications channel

  • Appointment Support: Send appointment reminders, new patient forms and patient educational material

  • Easily manage communications: Updox Inbox collects all practice or clinic communications - faxes, emails, texts, chat - into one central location

  • HIPAA-Compliant: Safely exchange data, results, images, insurance cards, forms and email in a secure environment

  • Let staff focus on patients, not paperwork: No more scanning, less time on the phone