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  • Efficient, Effective

    Secure Healthcare Communication

    Your Powerful All-in-One Healthcare Inbox:
    • Secure two-way texting
    • Online faxing
    • Video chat telehealth
    • Broadcast messaging
    • Reminders

    With Updox, engage with patients and improve communication

    Get Started with Updox

    Get Started with Updox

    Secure Text Messaging
    • Eliminate wasted time calling patients
    • Keep patients engaged & staff productive
    • Secure HIPAA compliant texting
    • Attach docs, forms, photos and video
    Telehealth Video Chat
    • No download for patient or clinician
    • Works anywhere, on any device
    • Take photos, save notes
    • Keep your doors open during COVID-19
    Online Faxing
    • Eliminate paper, toner, and filing
    • No equipment to buy, upgrade or maintain
    • Easily route incoming faxes to specific staff

    "If I could challenge developers on a mission, it's to help make doctors' offices a fax free zone by 2020."
    - Seema Verma, CMS Administrator

    “For me, the biggest benefit of Updox is the time I’m saving. I’m not spending my day managing faxes or dictating replies. I can even review faxes or respond to messages through the mobile function on my phone. It lets me focus more on my patients.”
    Thomas Miller, MD, Family Medicine

    Wasting Time & Money? 

    See how Updox can help you eliminate the manual paper faxing process. No more toner to buy, no paper to refill. Stop wasting time filing and searching for old faxes. Filter down your inbox to only see your faxes. Get back to helping your patients with Updox Online Faxing.  

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    Updox Pricing Information

    Check out our Online Fax Pricing

    Who are we?

    Updox is your all-in-one web-based platform for improved communications, productivity & patient engagement:
    • Telehealth Video Chat
    • Secure & SMS Two-way Texting
    • HIPAA-compliant Faxing
    • Reminders
    • Broadcast Messaging
    • Online Forms, Payment & more

    Eliminate All Your Other 3rd-Party Apps with One Inbox. One Login. One password.



    Get Back to Helping Your Patients with Updox