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Collect Patient Payments Anywhere

Offering patients an easy way to pay online provides convenience for them and helps you collect more (and reduce bad debt!) 

Updox Payments helps your practice:

  • Offer convenience
  • Improve accessibility
  • Raise satisfaction
  • Save time
  • Improve reporting 

Online patient payments helps boost cash flow, adds value to your practice, and makes life easier on your patients. 

Along with our suite of engagement tools - secure text, online fax, message broadcasting, and video chat - we'll help you increase revenue and get more done in a day. 

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Online Patient Payments from Updox

Patient PaymentsThe explosion of high-deductible plans puts a burden on patient collections. Practices need to more effectively manage their cash flow

Remotely-accessible patient payments offer you new ways to collect co-pays and balances from patients, who can enter credit card information from home, in your lobby, or by providing their card to staff for in-office swiping.

Credit cards can also be securely kept on file to speed payment processing, charge for no-shows or eliminate paper bills.


Manage payments, conduct searches, and generate batch reports


Allow patients to save credit card information and eliminate paper statements


Access billing and payments remotely to eliminate collections


Boost patient and staff satisfaction with a quick and reliable way to pay for services. 

Improve Patient Engagement with Updox

Patient Online Payments
Updox Patient Payments has worked out very well for our practice. Staff like the ease of swiping the card and securely storing information. Patients have been very accepting of the service. Both groups appreciate the option to email receipts and it’s especially helpful for patients who want to order or refill supplements. It’s a great service that allows us to improve our cash flow while also adding value and convenience for patients.

Maurice Beer, MD Integrative Medical, NY

Set up a time to see how our all-in-one patient engagement platform can help you be more efficient and productive:

Secure & SMS Texting
With our texting feature in place, reduce no-show rates from an average of of 18.9% down to 8%. Eliminate the avg. 8.1 minutes of phone time to reschedule a no-show. Cut out up to 1,500 calls each month.
Video Chat & Telehealth Services
More effective than a phone call and just as easy to use - our telehealth feature helps you communicate with patients in a HIPAA-compliant format, share lab results, answer questions, and follow up post-visit.
Online Fax 
Access your faxed documents anywhere with our robust online faxing system. We are the leading electronic fax provider in healthcare, processing millions of faxes each month.
Broadcast Messaging
Drive seasonal appointments and screenings with proactive messaging targeting specific groups of patients or all of them at once with our broadcast messaging feature!
Appointment Reminders
Customize messages to fit your patient's preference with the ability to select text, email or voice calls to remind patients of upcoming appointments.

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