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More Time for Patients

Improve Patient Engagement - make patients happier
Boost Productivity - work together, better
Coordinate Care - free up time with secure communication between other providers and pharmacies

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As Practice Fusion's exclusive integrated partner for patient engagement and document management, we help practices free up staff time and stay front of mind for patients.

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See It Live in a 2-Minute Preview

You need options for voice, email and text (since we all live on our cell phones these days) to communicate with patients the way they want. And, you need it done in a way that takes less staff time.

Watch the video to learn how you can take an advantage of our patient engagement tools to connect with patients in an easier way!

  • Online Fax
  • Video Chat
  • Secure & SMS Texting
  • Broadcast Messaging 
  • Document Management


Add Custom Reminders, Online Fax, Document Management, Text Messaging, Broadcast Group Messages & MorePractice Fusion Software


Your Practice Fusion & Updox Integration

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You probably know us as the exclusive Electronic Fax partner for Practice Fusion, with almost 2,000 mutual Practice Fusion customers. Practices like yours have been leveraging Updox to help simplify their business operations for the past three years. Read about their successes so far below...

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Meet Sally. Sally is a 55-year-old patient who recently suffered a knee injury at work. Let’s learn more about how your practice might use Updox to reduce time spent on phone calls, voice mails and fax; eliminate staff rework; and save Sally time while improving her overall patient satisfaction...

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Today’s patients expect their doctors to provide the same consumer conveniences they receive from their favorite retailers. If you're ready to revolutionize the way your practice connects with patients and simplify the staff work necessary to do so- follow the directions below to get started...

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Some software ends up wasting your time. Updox actually saves me time. It’s faster and easier to manage than other solutions used in my office. I do all my document import and scanning with Updox. It’s easy for me to upload and then delegate. Also I use Updox to store documents. I can find them faster when I’m ready to act on them or file them into a chart. I’ve found it’s easier to manage documents in Updox and then upload to Practice Fusion.

Dr. Bronwyn Bacon Elevate Health - Bozeman, Montana