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    See how one pharmacy improved their online presence and generated more website traffic and store visitors!

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    How one pharmacy attracted more customers and grew business in 150 days

    How many times a day do you go to Google to search for something? Do you ask Alexa or Siri for directions to a business close by? Have you see ads on Facebook and wondered how you get your pharmacy listed there? You are not alone. Watch this video to see how one Pharmacy in Ohio attracted more business in a few short months: 


    New website visitors 


    New phone calls, in-store visits, and direction requests


    Local residents reached in less than 150 days.


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    Pharmacy Digital Marketing Services
    Case Study Transcript

    Emlah Tubuo, owner of Powell Pharmacy in Columbus Ohio, faced some formidable competition where her pharmacy was located. Within a mile of her store, there were five chain, grocery and big box pharmacies.

    She knew that having a visible and authentic presence online and getting more foot traffic into her independent pharmacy was nothing less than mission critical.

    Emlah knew that digital marketing was the future with acquiring new customers and retaining existing ones. But, as a pharmacist, she was keenly aware that an effective digital marketing program required expertise beyond her skill set.

    Emlah called in the team at Updox to help her pharmacy with acquiring new patients. Updox put Emlah’s mind at ease. The Updox team gathered information about her pharmacy and local demographics and implemented a turn-key program with four components - search marketing, review management, social media advertising and local listing. 

    Powell Pharmacy grew its local awareness and foot traffic significantly. After 150 days, they reached more than 90,000 people in their community of service.

    Additionally, the pharmacy raised their visibility in search results on Google - leading to 645 website visitors and 244 calls, visits, and direction requests.

    The pharmacy’s online reviews (including 21 5-star ratings!) were managed and optimized, so that potential customers could see firsthand how patients appreciated the personal service they receive.

    Powell Pharmacy’s ads, promoting flu shots and travel vaccines, were targeted to prospective customers based on demographics. It reached more than 75,000 residents and drove over 150 website visits.

    Finally, online directions, hours of operation, phone numbers and photos were always accurate across hundreds of online directories, ensuring a positive first impression and guaranteeing that people could find and contact Powell Pharmacy.

    Since launching a digital marketing program, it has delivered more than 500 phone calls, pharmacy visits, and direction inquiries.

    If this is something that interests your pharmacy, be sure to reach out to us here at Updox and we’ll help you acquire new patients!

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