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    Improve Patient Communication

    The most powerful Inbox in healthcare

    • Secure & Two-Way Texting
    • Online Faxing
    • Telehealth Video Chat
    • Document Management

    HIPAA-Compliant Communication & Patient Engagement that Integrates with PracticeSuite

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    Electronic Faxing
    • Eliminate paper
    • Save 1,200 pieces of paper a year
    • No more toner, paper, or filing
    • No equipment to buy, upgrade or maintain
    • Easily route incoming faxes to specific staff
    Secure & SMS Text Messaging
    • Eliminate wasted time calling patients
    • Keep patients engaged & staff productive
    • SMS two-way texting to groups
    • Secure HIPAA compliant texting
    • Attach docs, forms, photos and video
    Telehealth Video Chat
    • Easy to use
    • No download for patient or clinician
    • Works anywhere, on almost any device
    • Integrates with PracticeSuite
    • Take photos, save notes
    • Continue meeting with your patients 

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    Stop Waiting by the Fax Machine

    “For me, the biggest benefit of Updox is the time I’m saving. I’m not spending my day managing faxes or dictating replies. I can even review faxes or respond to messages through the mobile function on my phone. It lets me focus more on my patients.”•
    Thomas Miller, MD, Family Medicine

    Updox Integrates with PracticeSuite!

    We provide your all-in-one patient communication tools in one easy-to-use Inbox for texting, video chat, online fax, patient group messaging, and more.

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