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  • Recorded Webinar:

    Telehealth in the Real World

    Learn how to implement Telehealth simply and affordably.

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    Andrew Barbash, MD

    Andrew Barbash, MD

    Phil Boucher, MD

    Phil Boucher, MD

    Hear what two physicians using telehealth have to say about it:

    1. Why they decided to implement telehealth
    2. Lessons learned, and “ah ha” moments
    3. How patients really feel about virtual visits
    4. What it means to their bottom-line
    5. How it is improving outcomes

    Telehealth in the Real World: Doctors share how it’s helping them grow their practice simply and affordably

    Recorded webinar

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    of patients feel the quality of care in a virtual visit is as good or better than an in-person visit.

    MGH Study, 2018

    Updox makes it easy to add telehealth to your practice.