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  • The success of Updox is tied to our values of empathy, creativity and hard work.

    We’re committed to inclusivity for all. Inequality—including racism in any form—cannot be tolerated. Change will only come through open, honest dialogue— we need to speak up, speak out and speak with each other. This is why we joined more than 3,000 other Ohio business leaders to sign a letter to Columbus City Council in support of the Resolution to declare racism a Public Health Crisis.

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    As the nation moves from reaction to action, we feel it is important to share what Updox is doing to move this discussion forward. We’re creating an employee resource group that represents diversity and inclusion across our organization. Internally, this group will share insights, encourage support and drive efforts to ensure we’re continually improving on our commitment to being a safe, accepting and engaging environment for all – regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, ethnicity or physical ability. 

    Externally, Updox has always supported community service. In addition to company-sponsored activities, we give employees paid hours to volunteer in personally relevant ways. We’ll use our employee resource group to seek additional opportunities for community improvement to drive change and help answer questions around what we can do to ensure inclusiveness and how we can better support underserved communities. Our employees will help drive our efforts for meaningful action. 

    We know—as a company, a community, a nation—we can and will do better. Our community of customers is large and nationwide. That size and scope give Updox a responsibility to drive change and do more. Whether you are an Updox employee, customer, partner or community member, be confident you are working with a company committed to inclusion and equality and continuously making improvements. 

    Read the Columbus City Council Resolution