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  • Updox EHR Partners & Integration FAQ

    Find out if your EMR offers integration with Updox and how Updox solutions can still serve your business without direct integration

    What does "EHR integration" really mean?

    In short, EMR or EHR integration is just another way of saying that Updox can send and receive information from your EMR in real-time. In practice, this looks like sending documents from the Updox inbox straight to the patient chart or scheduling automated appointment reminders based on your existing EHR workflow.

    Updox standalone Solutions View EMR integration List Understanding EHR vs EMR

    Q:  Can I still use Updox if my EMR/EHR doesn't integrate?

    A:  Absolutely! Thousands of Updox users are improving their ehr workflow without an integration.

    Q:  Which Updox solutions can I use?

    A:  While every Updox solution is available for use without integration, many of our users find Forms, Video Chat, and Faxing to be a seamless worfklow design alongside their EMR without integration

    Q:  How do I know if my EMR/EHR integrates?

    A: Check out a list of our EMR integration partners here. Don't see your name? No sweat, schedule some time with an expert to see how Updox can still be a good fit

    Updox EHR integrations Overview

    How do I get started or find more info on using Updox without EHR integration?

    Drop us a line and we'll be in touch to answer any questions or schedule you for a full Updox demo: