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Welcome to uTV!

Our video channel with product updates, information and industry news, as well as tips & techniques (and jokes!) to help get the most from your Updox experience. 


Dig a Little Deeper into the Learning Center Today

We want our Updox users to get the most out of the system so we wanted to make sure you know about the Learning Center, what's it's for, and how to find it! And Eric is here to help! 

Check out the Learning Center

Winter is Coming!  

Is your practice ready for winter? Wendy has a few "hot" tips to help you better communicate with your patients and get you ready for the coming storm.

Learn More about Secure Texting

Having Any Faxing Issues? Never Fear; Meg is Here! 

Meg Bahr talks ways to solve common faxing issues that she and her team have heard recently. And, learn more about our Provider Support team while you're here!

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Talking Templates 

"Templates?! We don't need no stinkin' templates!" Well, you kinda do... if you want to save time. Learn how Updox templates can do just that!

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Welcome to the Updox TV Channel

Here's a quick intro to uTV, our new video channel that provides helpful tips on getting the most from Updox, as well as a peek into who we are and what we're all about. Check it out! 

Wellness Checks - just what the doctor ordered

Whether you've been with Updox for months or years, a "Business Review" is the kind of wellness check that makes sure you're getting the most from us. Schedule your review now.

Email Us

Or email us at: customersuccess@updox.com

Appointment Reminders

Don't forget to hear more about appointment reminders. Plus, this video is less than 2 minutes long so sneak a break and tune in.

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Updox Chuckle

...because laughter is great medicine.

Doctor: What's the condition of the boy who swallowed the quarter?
Nurse: No change yet.

Getting started is simple:

Let Updox simplify the business of healthcare enabling a better healthcare experience for the patients and consumers you serve.

Updox makes it easy:

  • Broad solution that works together better than any individual product
  • Understand and be ready to use in less than 30 minutes
  • Designed specifically for out-of-hospital providers and pharmacists
  • Dedicated On-Boarding and Customer Success expertise
  • Phone, email and live chat support