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Updox Vaccine Communication Workflows

The vaccine is here. You understand the challenges of getting patients in twice for a shot that includes mild COVID-19 symptoms. Proactive communication and follow-up are required to make these vaccinations effective. Watch this webinar to learn how to create successful workflows for vaccine administration.

Interested in learning more about contactless check-ins and visits as well as well as the solutions to improve communications with patients and between staff? If you're not already an Updox customer, learn more on how Updox can help your practice. If you're already a customer, view details on packages, options and pricing:

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How Updox Helps You

"COVID has significantly impacted the way we provide care to patients. Each immunization used to take 10-15 minutes from start to finish. Updox cuts that by half because of clear communication and information. It makes our immunization program safer and faster for patients and more efficient for staff."
- Emlah Tubuo, Pharmacist & Owner, Powell Pharmacy