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Updox Video Chat Q&A

Questions and Answers for Patients on the Updox Telehealth Platform: 

We recommend Safari for iOS and Chrome or Firefox Android.  For laptops and desktops, a webcam and microphone are required.  Be sure - for PC's and Laptops - that Webcam Access protection is turned off if your Anti-virus program/software supports it



Video Chat Q&A For Patients
Q: What is a Video Chat visit?
A: Video Chat visits are doctor appointments that are conducted through video technology, oftern referred to as telehealth or telemedicine. Instead of coming into the office for your appointment, you stay home and use your computer / laptop / smartphone to see and talk to your physician / provider.
Q: What should I expect with a Video Chat visit?
A: During your Video Chat visit, you will use your mobile device (phone or tablet) camera and audio. You will be able to see and talk to your physician/provider, and they can see and hear you. If you use other social media tools like Skype or Facetime, this will feel familiar. Unlike those applications however, Updox video chat is HIPAA-compliant and secure, meaning that your conversation is private, and cannot be breached or seen by third parties.
There is no registration desk to check in for your appointment. Your physician/provider’s office will likely contact you prior to your appointment to explain the process, telling you when to expect the invitation link.
Invites are sent by text message or email. To join:
  • Click the link on the text message or email.
  • Click Allow webcam/camera.
  • Click Allow microphone.
Q: What technology do I need for a Video Chat visit?
A: You will need an Apple or Android smartphone or device with a working front-facing camera and audio / microphone. You may test your webcam and microphone in your Settings / Control Panel or by testing a video app like Skype. You may also want to wear a headset or headphones. This will help cut down on technical issues like echoes and feedback.
  • Be sure to check your mobile device battery charge to ensure you have plenty of power.
  • Plug in your device when in doubt.
  • A strong Wi-Fi signal is highly recommended.
Q: Do I need to be on a wireless network to attend a Video Chat visit?
A: We recommend using a strong Wi-Fi internet connection for best quality video streaming and communication with your physician/provider. If you do not have access to a strong Wi-Fi signal, you may use cellular data to participate in a Video Chat visit.
Please note: cellular data rate charges from your carrier may apply if using cellular data.
Q: Where can I have a video visit?
A: We recommend joining a Video Chat session from a quiet, private, well-lit location. 
Ensure there is no background noise to interfere with your conversation, and plenty of lighting for your doctor to see you.
Q: Can I have a Video Chat visit when I’m out of town?
A: Yes, you can participate in a Video Chat anywhere. You only need a strong Wi-Fi/cellular connection and a charged battery on your device.
Q: What should I have near me during my Video Chat visit?
A: Your current medications list, a pen, and any notes you would typically take to the doctor.
Q: Who can help me with a Video Chat visit?
A: Your doctor’s office will give you instructions at the time your Video Chat visit is scheduled.
If you have trouble connecting please see our tips / spec sheet here:
  • This page includes info on supported devices and browsers as well as troubleshooting tips.

Q: What are the bandwidth requirements for Video Chat? 
A: Here's are the requirements: 

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