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  • The Virtual Care Playbook

    In February 2020, telehealth wasn’t on most practices’ radars. Fast forward through 2020 and everyone in healthcare is focused on how telehealth, and other virtual care strategies, allows them to treat patients, protect staff and save businesses.

    Updox talked to more than 3,000 healthcare providers and patients across the nation to lead the next evolution of healthcare. Here’s what they rely on to do virtual care properly (spoiler alert – it’s more than just video chat) and what you can do today to accelerate your own virtual care strategy.

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    virtual care playbook

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    The Virtual Care Playbook

    Discover the 4 steps to connecting the dots and piecing together your virtual care strategy.

    The power of consumerism has been upending healthcare for years, but the COVID-19 pandemic accelerated this demand significantly.

    Marked by convenience, digital channels, and a more engaging relationship between patients and their doctors, the old way of delivering care is no longer acceptable.

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