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Navigating patient care in a Post-COVID-19 world - When the pandemic struck, telehealth use surged with a 4300% year-over-year increase in claims for March 2020. But there are concerns about reimbursement and other barriers with the use of telehealth beyond COVID-19.

The 2020 Virtual Care Report

To learn about the economic impact of COVID-19, how perceptions of telehealth have changed, and how it will be used post-COVID-19, we surveyed more than 650 physicians and more than 1,200 consumers. Their responses underscore the need to continue investing in virtual care solutions across the entire patient experience and ensuring reimbursement follows suit.

This report will show you what the data says about the state of virtual care post-COVID, and what the industry needs to do to ensure long-term payment reform.

Read this report to learn about the state of virtual care and reimbursement reform by filling out the form! 

Virtual Care Report 2020