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Direct Secure Messaging

Facilitates Better-Informed Care

Direct Messaging allows a secure exchange of healthcare data online. Communicate and transfer docs to other physicians. Eliminate the cost of faxing, phone calls or mail.

Updox Direct Messaging

  • Cost Savings
  • Office Efficiency
  • Convenience for You
  • HIPAA-compliant Security

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A Single Inbox to Communicate Securely

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Remotely send & receive messages from any healthcare providers, whether they are in or out of our network.


Never miss a message and consolidate your work onto a single platform.


HIPAA-compliant, providing an audit trail for documentation (Certified Health IT Product; CHP-027131)

Access to the Updox Directory

Immediate access to our HISP directory of more than 1.5 million email addresses from providers outside of your practice.


Direct Messaging is part of the Updox Communication Suite

Katy Mullins
With Updox, there is no waiting. Direct messaging provides instant share and refer capabilities and helps care coordination.

Katy Mullins Conway Women's Health Center

How Can Communication Tools from Updox Help You?

Secure & SMS Texting
With our texting feature in place, reduce no-show rates from an average of of 18.9% down to 8%. Eliminate the avg. 8.1 minutes of phone time to reschedule a no-show. Cut out up to 1,500 calls each month.
Video Chat Telehealth Services
More effective than a phone call and just as easy to use - our telehealth feature helps you communicate with patients in a HIPAA-compliant format, share lab results, answer questions, and follow up post-visit.
Online Fax 
Access your faxed documents anywhere with our robust online faxing system. We are the leading electronic fax provider in healthcare, processing millions of faxes each month.
Broadcast Messaging
Drive seasonal appointments and screenings with proactive messaging targeting specific groups of patients or all of them at once with our broadcast messaging feature!
Appointment Reminders
Customize messages to fit your patient's preference with the ability to select text, email or voice calls to remind patients of upcoming appointments.

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