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  • Patient Appointment Reminders

    Automated Reminder System

    • Two-way messaging
    • Personalized texts, phone calls & emails
    • Patient can confirm, cancel or call
    • Send up to 3 reminders before appointments
    • Use templates or customize every message

    With Updox Patient Reminders, eliminate hours spent calling and leaving messages for patients.

    Get Started with Updox Reminders

    Get Started with Reminders

    Reminder Flexibility
    • Send texts, emails or phone calls
    • Combine all 3 for greater impact!
    • Personalize your reminders
    Use Reminder Templates
    • Save time setting up your reminders
    • Create a custom script for each one
    • Or use one of your built-in library scripts 
    • Integrate with your EHR/EMR system
    Automate your Reminders
    • Reduce staff time spent on the phone - staff can send texts in just 15 seconds and not waste hours making calls
    • Automatically send reminders every 3, 6 or 12 months
    • Cut down on no-shows with less work
    • Free up more time with your patients

    "We’ve noticed a reduction in the number of no-shows since using Updox and that’s been great. It’s definitely been an added value for our practice and patients do appreciate the reminders, too."
    - Susana Garcia, East Belt Family Medicine, Houston, Texas

    Eliminate Hours Spent Calling Patients

    18.9% is the national average for no-shows. Updox Patient Reminders reduce that by a conservative 10%. With an average of $200 per office visit, over a full year, you can easily see the benefit of patient reminders.

    Improve Patient Communication 

    When patients don't show for appointments, it could be costing you revenue and affecting their health. With reminders, patients will remember to show up or at least reschedule. Allow your staff to get back to what really matters - treating patients.

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    Who are we?

    Updox is your all-in-one web-based platform for improved communications, productivity & patient engagement:
    • Telehealth Video Chat
    • Secure & SMS Two-way Texting
    • HIPAA-compliant Faxing
    • Reminders
    • Broadcast Messaging
    • Online Forms, Payment & more

    Eliminate All Your Other 3rd-Party Apps with One Inbox. One Login. One password.



    Get Back to Helping Your Patients with Updox