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  • Engage Your Pharmacy Patients

    With Updox, take patient engagement to a new level. Our pharmacy solution provides you with:

    • Secure two-way texting
    • Online faxing
    • Telemedicine
    • Broadcast messaging 
    • Easily send medication reminders

    Take Your Pharmacy to the Next Level

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    Online Faxing & Document Management - Access your documents anywhere with our robust electronic faxing system. We are the leading electronic fax provider in healthcare, processing millions of faxes each month.

    Telehealth Video Chat - Interact with patients in a safer and secure way, by engaging them where they are—on their phones. No downloads required for pharmacists or patients. HIPAA-compliant Video Chat.

    Broadcast Messaging - Send emails/voicemails/texts to one patient or a group or all. Let them know about vaccinations, business closings and share educational materials.

    Two-way Text Messaging - As easy for your team to send as it is for patients to receive and reply. Patients and staff can securely attach documents, forms, photos and videos.

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    “Honestly, I don’t know why any pharmacy wouldn’t have Updox. I’d tell anyone to implement it today – the results are that impactful for yourself, your staff and your patients. The amount of re-work Updox eliminated has been great. We spend more time helping patients and that’s exactly why I opened this pharmacy. It really helps fulfill our business.”
    Steve Coomes, RPH, Aubrey Health Mart Pharmacy

    Wasting Too Much Time? 

    See how these two pharmacies eliminated wasted time on making phone calls over and over again and leaving voicemails by using SMS two-way texting and secure texting. They saved this time by taking advantage of easy-to-use and secure technology from Updox. 

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    Engage Current Customers

    Take pharmacy patient engagement to a whole new level, whether through secure text, online fax, broadcast messaging, video chat or online patient portal technology.

    Collaborate with Prescribers

    Your role as a pharmacist is expanding, and relationships with physicians and other healthcare providers are even more critical. So how do you use software to break down barriers, making communication and collaboration simple, seamless, and secure?

    How Can We Help You Collaborate with Electronic Faxing? 

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