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  • Telehealth: Safe Care Made Possible

    Today's patients want convenient options for interacting with their healthcare provider. Are you ready to meet their needs?

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    Grow your business simply by meeting demand.

    On track to be a $9.4 billion dollar industry by 2021, Telehealth is increasingly expected by patients. It’s easy to see why.

    • Convenient for
      providers and patients

    • Increases patient

    • Expands
      your reach

    • Drives improved

    • A cost effective

      Your Telehealth journey starts here.

      Whether you are just starting to learn about Telehealth, or you are ready to implement it in your practice, the following resources will provide more insight and help guide you on your journey to achieving increased patient engagement and convenience.

      Just Getting Started Considering Telehealth Ready To Implement

      • I want to learn more about Telehealth. Get familiar with Telehealth and what it could mean for your practice.
        • Patient Engagement Playbook

          When, where, why and how to reach today’s patients with Telehealth.


        • Telehealth Explainer Video

          Learn what’s driving Telehealth demand and why you can’t afford to get left behind.

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        • By Mike Morgan, CEO of Updox

          Electronic Health Report Article

          The CEO of Updox, talks about the benefits of Telehealth and why providers should be using it.

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      • I’m considering Telehealth for my practice. Learn firsthand how Telehealth is positively impacting practices today.
        • Recorded Webinar

          Telehealth in the Real World: Doctors share how it’s helping them grow their practice simply and affordably.

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        • James Legan, MD, Internal Medicine

          James Legan, MD Testimonial Video 1

          James Legan, MD talks about how easy it is to implement telehealth for his practice

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        • Andrew Barbash, MD, Neurologist

          Telehealth Case Study

          Dr. Barbash was one of the first physicians to use the Updox platform to offer virtual visits. Read his story.


        • James Legan, MD, Internal Medicine

          James Legan, MD Testimonial Video 2

          James Legan, MD talks about how telehealth allows him to care for inaccessible patients.

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        • Telehealth eBook

          The Case for Telehealth: 5 Eye-Opening Stats for Healthcare Providers. Download our ebook and learn how offering telehealth can increase patient engagement, lower the cost of delivery and drive business growth.


        • Telehealth Infographic

          There are many misconceptions about telehealth. Download our infographic to learn the truths behind the common myths.


        • Telehealth FAQ

          Get all your Telehealth questions answered so you can pass the benefits along to your patients.


      I’m ready to implement.

      See how Updox can quickly and easily redefine how you interact with your patients.

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      • If you really want to connect and engage with your patients, you have to reach them where they live – which is on their phone.

        Phil Boucher, MDLincoln Pediatric Group