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  • For Medical Practices

    Reliable, Secure, Easy-to-Use Telehealth

    • Unlimited video chats
    • No download for patient or clinician
    • Works anywhere, on any device
    • Virtual waiting rooms
    • Integrates with your EHR
    • Easily save photos & notes to patient file

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    Increase patient access to healthcare in a safe, secure & efficient way

    Virtual visits and conversations take place in a secure, HIPAA-compliant environment and alleviates the back-and-forth phone calls, paper documents before and after visits and need for non-emergency in-person care.

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    Discover Updox Video Chat:

    Updox Telehealth

    HIPAA-compliant video conferencing

    “We needed to see patients but didn’t want them to come and sit in waiting areas or exam rooms. We knew patients needed us. We had to figure it out quickly. We already had a partnership with Updox and knew of their Telehealth solution so it was a great fit for our practice. With Updox, we were able to get started with Telehealth in just days”

    Phil Boucher, MD
    Lincoln Pediatrics

    Our Telehealth Solution Provides Video Chat & Secure Texting: 

    • Consult with patients quickly and remotely 
    • Follow-up safely after an office visit
    • Reach patients who are more remote
    • Improve entire care team communication